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Dad is Evolving Version 2 – Abstract

Dad is Evolving combines woven structures, several masks I have created in the past and digital painting into an abstract piece. One of the masks used in the creation was originally called “Sin Mask” made entirely of papier-mâchéd candy foils.  This mask now happens to be a permanent resident in another textile piece entitled Story Telling at the Paw-Paw Tree which is a peg-loom woven, and embroidered collage piece. Prior to incorporating it in that piece I used digital imagery created from the mask in several pieces. Another mask used in this abstract piece evolved from a mask mold I had made of my father’s face in the early 2000s, from which I have made multiple masks.

Dad is Evolving

If you wish to purchase Dad is Evolving, I have it available through Smug Mug and it can be ordered HERE.

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